March 27, 2022

Hack Your Instagram Growth in 55 Minutes

Spending more than an hour on Instagram a day? Watch out! You’re turning into a social media manager!

Here’s how to make the most efficient use of your Instagram time so you can get back to your most important task: running your business.

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Hack your Instagram growth and stay sane doing it

Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically

For maximum benefit, repeat this process three times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday — or whatever days work best for your workflow.

  • First 15 mins: Create a distinctively-branded high-value informational carousel in Canva (for example: solve a common pain-point issue for your audience)
  • Next 5 mins: write a post caption with a strong hook and a clear call-to-action, research hashtags, and post to your account (bonus points: stick around for a bit to reply to comments because every interaction boosts your post and your account)
  • Next 10 mins: find a trending audio you like and use it to create a 7 second reel with 9 seconds’ worth of readable bullet points (this increases the number of rewatches) — and don’t forget to include a clear call to action!
  • Next 15 mins: Leave value-boosting comments on the top 10 Instagram accounts that your target audience are already following (tip: use Instagram’s new Favorites list to efficiently track the accounts for this tactic)
  • Next 5 mins: post a fun on-brand poll to your story (that doubles as market research) or an educational quiz (post the results two days later because, boom, free ready-made content)
  • Next 4 mins (after a few hours have passed): post a personal boomerang or some niche-related content to your story feed (because this gets your story feed pushed back to top of viewing lists, so more of your current followers will see your earlier poll)
  • Final 1 minute: meditate on DM-ing a social media manager who can do all the above for you, and so much more, so you can focus on valuable business-building activities

Follow this routine and watch your Instagram audience snowball

And it’ll be a real audience — full of fans who are truly engaged with your content and loving your brand.

Finally: remember that nobody besides social media mangers should be spending more than an hour on Instagram per day. As business owner or brand manager, you have smarter, better ways to spend your time and focus. What could you do with an extra 3-5 hours per week?

This was a down-and-dirty look at practical tactics. For a bigger perspective on how to approach your own Instagram growth, read How I Got to 5000 Followers.

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